Best Air Cooler for Summer in India Desert Cooler 2020

Best air cooler for summer in India desert cooler under 10000rs
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Best air cooler for summer in India desert cooler under 10000rs

Top 10 Best air cooler for summer in India desert cooler specialist 2020 list: We are going to share with you some of the best air cooler in India 2020 and most popular air cooler for hot place and desert areas. If you are living in the states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh (MP), Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka these are the hottest place recorded in India according to NDTv news which has broken the record of previous summer and this is the beginning of summer heat. According to scientific research, there are very high chances that the next month of June-July of summer heat will increase may reach 43 to 45 degrees Celsius.

Top 10 best air cooler stay cool without any air conditioning
We are going to share genuine and real customer review with you, Top 10 Best air cooler for summer in India desert cooler specialist 2020 under the Rs.10000 some of them may be lower than 6000 rs which fit for Indian Family pocket. We have a list and hand-picked top air cooler cheap and best at the best price with the latest discount offers.
We are going to reveal the best air room cooler with top feature and their function which will be fit for the room to make your summer and family more relax-able to these hot weather conditions.

  • Do you have lots of questions in mind which air cooler is best for summer and your room?
  • And why is desert air cooler is perfect & right for your room & family?
  • Which the cooler can consume less electricity power & will it fit under your budget price?
  • Which is the best air cooler brand in India?
  • Which air cooler model is best?
  • Will it be a humidifier purifier?
  • Which is the best pollution-free and air filter cooler for you under the rs.10000? 
  • After-Sales Service quality and warranty card?
  • This air cooler is corona-virus free? let me clear guys all the air cool are corona-virus free accept the Air conditioner (AC) but it has certain temperature conditions guidelines for ACs only.

My All reviews are point to point, and rating base on feature and function of the cooler so don’t confuse with other rating, with comprehensive research which is necessary for every buyer or consumer must know a right thing before purchasing anything online. I hope my buying guide helps you to save your time, effort and money.

Top X Best air cooler for summer in India desert cooler List
Latest discount offers | 2020

Best Brand & Model

Best Editor Rating

Price List

Bajaj Air cooler Platini PX97 Personal (White)

Symphony Air cooler Diet 3D 30i Personal Tower

Symphony Air cooler Diet 12T Personal Tower

AISEN Air Cooler Desert Air Cooler - A55DMH500

AISEN MAJESTY Desert Air Cooler for Room

Crompton Aura Woodwool 55-Litre Desert Cooler (White-Maroon)

Orient Electric Smartcool Dx  litres Air Cooler (White and Light Grey)

Voltas VM T35MH Tower Cooler

Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler

Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto CO-109 

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Top 10 Best air cooler for summer in India desert cooler specialist 2020

Bajaj Air Cooler Platini PX97 Torque

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Best air cooler for a room under 6000rs: After LG, Samsung, Usha, and Bajaj Electricals is one of the biggest and largest electronics
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brands in India, which deals with in-home appliances for household peoples. This Bajaj air cooler Model Platini Px97 comes under the budget of 10000 rs. This comes with the modern technology of three sides cooling master function with turbofan technology.

Bajaj Air cooler Specially designed cooling media with hexagonal shape delivering maximum cooling effect with minimum water consumption. Bajaj flow higher air delivery to cool any space in your house & boost the overall cooling experience. This one best air cool which comes to the size of a 36-liter large water hold tank which gives longer cooling in the house with a rapid supply of water system.

  • Large Water Tank Capacity: 36 Litres
  • Honeycomb cooling media, easily removable pads
  • Three Side cooling pad for enhanced performance
  • Suitable for all climates and coastal regions
  • Castor wheel for easy mobility
  • Quite a Performance; Four-way air deflection
  • It is Inverter compatible
  • It has a Water Level Indicator
  • Very Less Noise sound
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Room size of up to 150 Sq. Ft
  • Not suitable huge room but good performances

2. Symphony Diet 3D 30i Personal Tower Air Cooler (Black & White)

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Best air cooler for true value for money 2020: Symphony is also very popular for the brand in for electronics appliances, Symphony Model diet 3D 30i personal tower air cooler is also a very powerful air cooler. This can provide pretty much everything that you need for this hot sunny summer this cool has an amazing feature to protect you and your family.

Symphony Diet 3D 30i  comes with a multistage Air Purification filtration feature which filters Dust, smell, Allergy substances, Bacteria, and germs filtration, And PM 2.5 Wash filter, with Magnetic Remote and Low electricity Power Consumption and auto-shut off-key feature to save cooler and voltage fluctuations. I would don’t waste your time this cooler is selling too fast.  what you need else this cooler has everything that you need more super cooler to bacteria remover. Look the key feature Pros and Cons of cooler.

  • It has large Water tank Capacity: 30 Litres
  • It has an empty water tank ALARM indicator
  • It has Cooling Media: 3-side highly-effective with honeycomb cooling pads
  • It has a Pop-up Touchscreen & control panel feature
  • It has Magnetic Remote control
  • It has Auto Shut-off technology protection against voltage fluctuations
  • It consumes Low electricity Power
  • Powerful Pump: Diet 3D 30i for the longevity of the pump
  • It has Multistage Air purification filters that deliver cool & fresh
  • It has Castor wheel for easy mobility
  • Warranty: 1 year on manufacturing defects
  • It required door/window open for cross ventilation
  • Coverage Area: Room size up to 45 cubic meters

3. Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler

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Best Air Cooler Under 6000 rs: This summer season is very alarming due to several conditions and reasons, Symphony Brand comes up with  Diet 12T  Personal Tower cooler highly-efficient tower air cooler for maintaining room temperature, Diet 12T Tower cooler designed in a sleek and compact manner.

Symphony not only throws air at a higher speed point but also helps you enhance your decor with its smart and elegant look and feel. If you wish to have exceptionally more cool air, you can put ice cubes in its integrated ice cube chamber holder. Design of Symphony Diet 12T is very slim and companion which can any anywhere.

  • It has Highly-effective honeycomb cooling pads
  • It has cool flow dispenser for superior cooling
  • Multistage air purification filters (allergy, bacteria, smell filter, PM 2.5 wash filter, and dust filter that delivers fresh and filtered cool air)
  • Powerful Pump ensures the longevity of the pump
  • It has a Water Level Indicator
  • Easy to use dial knob controls for fan speed, cooling and swing settings
  • Low Power Consumption: 170 watts
  • Warranty: 1 year on manufacturing defects
  • It is required to Keep door/window open for cross ventilation for effective cooling
  • Water Capacity 12 Litres which is less
  • Coverage Area: Ideal for room size up to 28 cubic meters too less

AISEN Magna Desert Air Cooler – A55DMH500

Best Desert Air Cooler with Honeycomb Cooling Pad: Brand AISEN Magna Desert Air cooler model -A555DMH500  is powerful indoor & Semi-Outdoor Portable coolers that come with instant cooling relief from the scorching heat by delivering strong gush of naturally cooled airwave even in a high peak summer day of June and July.

Dessert Air cooler is made with the highest quality components to give robust & outstanding performance under very extreme weather conditions while superior aesthetics tastefully add up to the surrounding ambiance. Deseret cooler has 4-way air deflection which helps move air all around the room.
It has low water indication which helps to monitor cooler with support of float value which helps to maintain a suitable amount of water level required water supply connection 

  • It has a large water tank size of 55 Ltr
  • It has HoneyComb cooling pads
  • It has cool flow dispenser for superior cooling
  • It has Ice cube chamber
  • It has Castor Wheels mobility
  • It has Four-Way Air Deflection air throw
  • It is Inverter Compatible
  • It has 16-inch big fan
  • It has a Water Level Indicator
  • It has Float Valve maintaining feature
  • Maximum Operating Distance: 4000 M³/Hr
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Only 3 Speed Air Control
  • No dust filter

                                                 AISEN MAJESTY Desert Air Cooler for Room

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Best Desert Air Cooler for a room in India 2020: AISEN Brand coolers work on evaporative air technology which is the most natural way of cooling the air temperature. Warm air is drawn inside the cooler through cooling pads on which water is continuously dripped evenly.

The water drops take the heat of the air and evaporate thereby cooling the air inside the cooler. Cool air is then blown out of the cooler by powerful blower or fan to give cool air comfort. AISEN desert air coolers consume very electricity power.  Majesty Desert air cooler has huge size cooling cushions on 3 sides, Majesty gives persistent breeze of air with all-round cooling for indoor or semi-open-air regions.

  • Water tank capacity: 50 Ltr
  • Four-Way Air Deflection
  • It has Shock Proof Body
  • It has a Water Level Indicator
  • It has Woodwool Pads absorption
  • It has 18 inches Fan
  • It is Inverter Compatible
  • High Air Delivery of 3200m3/hr
  • Energy Efficient, Indoor & Semi-Outdoor Portable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • No castor Wheel
  • It has No Ice cube chamber
  • It has No dust filter

Crompton Aura Woodwool Desert Cooler

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Best Desert Air Cooler in India 2020: Crompton brand air cooler. Aura Woodwool Desert Cooler With multiple innovative features, such as easy-to-remove wood wool pads, an ice cube air chamber, Desert air Cooler keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the whole hot day. It also has an auto water level indicator feature which makes tension free for water refilling,  so you can easily monitor the amount of water in the cooler.

This cooler comes with the castor wheels, you can conveniently move this heavy appliance from one place to another easily. This cooler can also run on inverters power, you can connect it to your home inverter when the power goes off. Keeping your cooler clean is also easy, all thanks to the drain plug and removable wood wool pads. Crompton Aura also prevents the breeding of mosquitoes. This cooler is best and suitable for a large room and it is valuable money.

  • It has large water tank Capacity: 55 liters
  • It has Woodwool Cooling pad
  • It has castor wheels for easy mobility
  • It has a Water level indicator
  • Water drain plug for easy cleaning
  • It has Auto-swing louvers for 4 way air deflection
  • The body is made up of ABS and thermoplastic
  • Air delivery (cfm): 4200, Air throw distance (ft): 45
  • It has RUST FREE Body
  • It has ice cube chamber for additional cooling
  • It has a cooling effect Up to 500 Sq. Ft.
  • It has Inverter compatibility less energy consumption
  • Warranty: 1 year on product plus Warranty Card
  • Fan-made of plastic
  • It has No dust filter

Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H

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Best Air Cooler Under 6000 rs, cheap & affordable price:  Orient Electric brand Model Smartcool Dx CP2002H Get blown away with its powerful air gust and supercooling abilities. With a tank capacity of 20 litres minimum and maximum 35 litres, an air throw of 11 metres and its auto-fill capability, the snowbreeze super cooler ensures that winters are back this summer with ease. It has DenseNest Technology feature which provides more 25% cooling and it also has 45% more water retention compared to the other water coolers features.

It has powerful motor cooling,  Specially designed fans and blowers with a unique angle that enables that provide maximum airflow in the house. DenseNest technology has featured honeycomb pads to ensure a powerful and quick cooling element. It has a dust filter and high glass durable ABS body. This cooler also come in Anti-rust body which very unique compare to other coolers, Smartcool cooler has easy setup and installation which save time and money.

  • It has small, medium and large Water Tank Capacity: 16, 20, 36 liter
  • Denseness Honeycomb pads provide 25% more cooling, 45% more water retention
  • Ant-Rust proof High Gloss ABS body
  • Dust filter ensures clean and cool air minus dust and pollen
  • High performance with 3-speed motor
  • It has Invertor compatible
  • It has a water level indicator
  • It has Ice Cube chamber for extra cooling
  • It has castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Air delivery of 1300 m3/hr with 4-way air cooling system
  • Ideal for Living room, Bedroom, Study Room, Dining area, Classroom, Shop, Office
  • Not good for large space/area room

Voltas VM T35MH Tower Cooler

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Best air cooler for summer in India desert cooler:  Voltas is another well known popular brand in Indian Market.  Voltas VM T35MH Tower Cooler brings a tower cooler that comes packed with a wide range of features to make it you are all in one cooler during challenging hot weather conditions in India. If you have a medium room this cooler is most suitable for your office, home, and medium-size hall because of voltas slim and medium size.  VM T35MH Tower Cooler is a noise-free cooler. The highly efficient cooling pad offers better cooling levels at all times and aids in providing uniform distribution of air all through the room.

Voltas VM T35MH Tower cooler has 35 liters of water tank capacity which allows you to enjoy long-lasting cooling effect in your room or house.  This consumes very less electricity and provides a better range of air cooling effect in the room.

  • Water capacity tank size: 35 liters
  • It has a cooling pad
  • It has Four directional Powerful cool AIR Flow
  • It has Zero Noise
  • It has Long Cooling Effect
  • It Consumes Very less electricity power
  • It Does Not have Castrol wheel (Fix wheel)
  • Not good for large space/area room

                                                          Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler

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Best Air Cooler Under 10000 rs for a large room in India:  Brand Crompton Model Ozone Desert Air cooler has come with 75
Litres large tank
Air cooler with the wood-wool cooling pad is one of the best desert air coolers in India to keep home and yourselves cool in such a harsh weather condition of 43 degrees Celsius on a summer day. This cooler is perfect Up to 500 Sq. Ft. areas for cooling.
Ozone Desert Air Cooler consumes very little power which is a good thing for the pocket budget. Air cooler offers you prime cooling performance like AC.

It has four-way air deflection so that you enjoy cooling all the way around, it also has a separate Ice Chamber and Motorised Louvers so that you can enjoy more fresh cooling air. The cooler can also be connected to an inverter and this makes it easy for you to get cool air even when there is no electricity power. This comes with 4 castor wheels to move the air cooler between rooms or spaces with Easy To Clean & Wipe to maintain cooler.

  • It has Large water tank Capacity: 75 Litres
  • It has Effective Honeycomb Cooling pads
  • It has AirSpeed control
  • It has 4 Castor wheel mobility
  • It has a Water Level Indicator
  • It has Ice cube chambers for extra cooling
  • It has Ant-Rust free Body
  • It has Inverter Capability
  • Air Delivery: 46000m3/hr; Air throw up to 52Ft
  • It is suitable for Up to 500 Sq. Ft. good for family
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Required CROSS-VENTILATION for more effect
  • Made of plastic Blower/Fan

Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto CO-109 

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  • water tank Capacity: 45 Litres
  • Good for room size of 600 sq. ft.
  • This cooler has Shock Proof Body safe for children
  • It is Four-Way Air Deflection
  • It has wood wool cooling pads with good water absorption
  • It has 3 Speed Levels (Low, Medium & High);
  • It has Castor Wheels for Mobility
  • it has Anti-Bacterial Tank
  • It has low noise
  • It has Ice Chamber to provide extra chilled air
  • It has Heavy Air Delivery of 3100 m3/hr; Heavy Air Throw 45 ft
  • It is Invertor friendly cooler
  • Warranty: 1 Year

5 Cool Tips To Use Air Coolers Efficiently In the hot Summer of India.

Air cooler is another best way to keep yourself cool while spending less money. The cooler cannot replace the air conditioner performance, but air cooler fans can help circulate the cool air in your home. This is especially important when the humidity is very high. If you have decided to buy an air cooler this summer, then it’s a great choice for you and your family.

  1. Buy Portable model: Portable Air Coolers Provide easy Mobility for your small & large room.
  2. Use Ice Cubes: Due to hot air and hot water, it is very difficult to cool down room temperature quickly especially if you are living in a hot region like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh (MP), Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka.  Good idea is to put some ice cubes or chunks in the tank,  if you have an ice chamber in cooler that’s also a good option. Placing the ice immediately brings down the temperature of the water, and heightens up the cooling effect.
  3. Allow Cross-Ventilation: Cross ventilation is working as an extra Jet -Engine for your air cooler because it allows the natural method of cooling in your home. The Cross-Ventilation system depends on the wind to force cool exterior air into the building through an open window/door. 
  4. Buy Inverter friendly cooler: Why An inverter friendly cooler is best because it is an energy-saving technology that removes unwanted wasted operation in air cooler by efficiently controlling speed and 2nd thing is you don’t have to worry about power-cutoff during the night.
  5. Four-Way Air Deflection: It ensures that cool air uniformly distributed all over the room without hassling turn cooler in different directions.
Final Conclusion: We have listed the top 10 cooler reviews in 2020 under the above are under Rs.10000, Best air cooler for summer in India desert cooler. Each and every cooler has a certain unique feature with modern technology and function which makes your summer easier for you and your family. This air cooler cools your room instantly, Tower Air Coolers that are portable and can fit in any room in your house.

Air coolers that let you beat the heat under your budget. Very less power consumption, the easy cleaning & wipe, regulation of fan speed, good amount of water capacity tank, greater area coverage or fast and fresh air delivery with ice chamber facility, portability, and compact slim designs of these air coolers make them an affordable option for the users to buy it. and a much more awesome feature.

Very few good air coolers left because of the constant increase of heat, price is also increasing.
You’re Worth It


Other Best Cooler in India 2020:

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