Best Metal Gooseneck Holder Microphone Pop Filter 2020

Best Metal Gooseneck Holder Microphone Pop Filter 2020: Maono AU-B00 Pop Filter for Studio Condenser Microphone with Wind Screen
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  • The microphone wind screen pop filter mask shield help get your best vocal recordings and ensure that your tracks are audible and easy to understand and also it will make sure your message loud and clear
  • 360 degree flexible gooseneck holder is made of smooth bendable steel material for adjustable precise positioning to efficiently banish the dreaded hissing and lisping sounds caused by over eager performers
  • Suitable for personal or professional recording studio, ktv and stage, chat rooms, broadcasting room, internet cafes and control room
  • Adjustable clamp fixes securely to any mic stand, tables, desks, shelves, counters, etc. Suitable for any stores, families, stages, studios, broadcasting and tv stations, etc.
  • Included pop shield and clamp(This item is designed to protect sound and avoid voice cracking with letter P/F etc. If buyer feel there is stress, he could just remove this pop filter away. )


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