Top 10 best dumbbells set Home Gym online in India 2020

Top 10 Best Dumbbell Sets for Home Gym Workout in India | Dumbbell exercise
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Top 10 best dumbbells set Home Gym online in India 2020 | Dumbbell exercise

Top 10 best dumbbells set Home Gym online in India 2020भारत में शीर्ष 10 सर्वश्रेष्ठ डम्बल सेट होम जिम ऑनलाइन
We have created this article to save you valuable time and effort. I know guys going on online site looking at each different product gym equipment and then choosing and selecting them at the right price and staring at details and comparing materials and cheap quality it consumes ours lots of time yet we cannot decide which equipment which should we buy?

In this blog, I will clear all your doubts, and question-related to dumbbell size, Quality, weight, and long-term use in the future and which is under your budget, dumbbell exercise. My all article will be straight toward the point and simple but effective I have seen lots of blogs and their article they are increasing they’re the length of an article without knowing whether it is valuable for them or not.

If people are searching for a pleasant quality of dumbbells set, why are they showing them dumbbell exercise with dumbbell we came here to buy a dumbbell set base on excellent review, not base on which exercise. Guys, this is useless if we want to see exercise with dumbbell we can go to another blog. That’s why I have tried my best to provide good with details and point-to-point depth.

We’ve mentioned everything you need to make the right purchase, such as the different types of dumbbells, available features, dumbbell exercise list and the advantages of using it for workouts. Apart from these, we have also listed a comprehensive buying guide for you, top dumbbell set at affordable price recommendations, and answers to some common frequently asked questions.

Top 10 best dumbbells set Home Gym online in India 2020 | Dumbbell exercise 

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Bodygrip Dumbbell set Combo 


KD Cougar Fitness Dumbell Barbell Hex Rubber Coated Gym Weight Chrome Plated


RUBX Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell Pack of Two


Cockatoo Professional Round Dumbbells, Pack of 2


Gymally Sports Steel Dumbbells Set


Kakss Cast Iron Kettlebell for Strength/Fitness/Kettle Bell for Home Gym


Skera Steel Chrome Fixed Dumbbell [2pc]


AURION Oval Dumbbell Home Gym Exercise, Fitness and Weights for Women and Men Dumbbells  


Hand Dumbbells Weights Fitness Home Gym Heavy Ladies Mens Dumbbells with Hamd Gripper


Basics Neoprene Dumbbell Pair 


Type Of Dumbbell set for home gym workout in India & dumbbell exercise list

I will discuss below three variation of dumbbell and their key feature one by one.

Overview of Best Dumbbells set in India

The adjustable dumbbell is one with metal bars, and in this type of dumbbell, the center portion has a thicker pattern to enhance the stronger grip of athletes or users. The weight of this dumbbell can be changed, as additional weights can be added or removed and they can be secured with clips or collars.

An example of an adjustable dumbbell is the spin-lock dumbbell. The main feature of the spin-lock dumbbell is that it is threaded at its ends to allow for larger nuts in the form of clips.

There are other traditional methods of securing dumbbells, which can be a dumbbell with a smooth end, and a collar used to secure the ends. But, innovations have taken hold with the use of dumbbells, and there are easy ways to adjust the weight on the dumbbells.

1. Kore K-DM-DRB-18kg-Combo 16 Dumbbells Kit

Best Adjustable brand Dumbbell exercise in India for home gym workout: This is the complete dumbbell gym set in one place with changeable weight? Then this is your perfect set for – a combination of all the gym tools needed for the dumbbell to have all possible combinations with your weight plates on both sides of your rod. This setup dumbbell is perfect for beginner and intermediate level gym freak and 30 kg dumbbell price available check for it.
Color variation option available: Black
Size variation option available: 4KG to 26KG weight available  
Save 41%

  • Weight can be adjusted easily
  • Additional weight can be add in future
  • It is durable and usable for a long period
  • They have a wide weight range. So, when you increase your capacity, you can use them for longer
  • It is suitable for a variety of work out styles, from simple to hard.
  • Price is cheap and good quality
  • Sometime not even weight
  • They are round, so are not suitable for push-ups
  • Made of plastic and rubber
  • Sometime melting issue is find but overall is good set

2. KD Cougar Fitness Dumbbell exercise Barbell Hex Rubber Coated Gym Weight-Best Fix Weight dumbbells Set Brand in India


Best Fix Weight dumbbells Set Brand in India online: Going for a  very cheap price, this dumbbell set is perfect for under budget and set to provide quality resistance for your workout session. The weight is fixed; So there is no risk of slipping plate from side. This type of dumbbell most use in the cross-fit gym.
The durability shown in this load is unmatched by the competition, as it can remain crack and fade-free for a long time. It is safe to fall to the ground, and the design is simply anti-roll.

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Color variation option available: Black
Size variation option available: 1kg to 50kg weight available  
Disount avaible

Pros (Advantage)
  • Overall good packaging and design
  • It is highly durable and long lasting.
  • It is anti-roll; So when it is standing it cannot harm the property
  • Size Available from 1 Kg to 50 Kg
Cons (Disadvantage)
  • They are not adjustable
  • Not suitable for Abs workout

3. RUBX Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell exercise 2kg Pack of Two

Best Fix Weight dumbbells for Pro and beginner for home gym workout in India: This workout equipment is the perfect asset for workout freaks and is super suitable for both beginners to professionals gym lovers. It can be used anywhere in the house. It creates more balance with its seamless and unique design. It is a 6-side dumbbell covered by fine virgin rubber.
It is suitable for both commercial and home gyms, come in pairs, made with cast iron which is good for storage, daily use and workout sessions. It is designed to give your bodybuilding needs, from a variety of exercises that you can do with it.
Color variation option available: N/A
Size variation option available: 2.5x2pc=5kg  
Save: 36%

  • Weight is correct and premium design for customers
  • It is reasonably priced, and high quality material.
  • It is not easily worn and torn
  • It has a really good grip holder
  • It’s easy to handle and use
  • They do not roll back and forth even when placed on uneven floor
  • Rubber cover is to reduce noise and damage
  • Weight can’t change due to weight fixed

4. Cockatoo Rubber Coated Professional Round dumbbells exercise

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Best dumbbell set in India for core dumbbell exercise online:
This dumbbell product comes in a pack of two, and is an extremely useful exercise gym device. It can help you develop strength in your core (Abs), and gives you an incredible amount.

The weights are coated with rubber to ensure that the surfaces on which they are placed are damage-free and roll easily for your core movement. And this one best for home gym workout in India Weight is a mold that allows weight distribution even when lifting, and is perfect for both professionals and enthusiasts and divide weight equally both side.
Color variation option available: N/A
Size variation option available: 2.5×2=5kg , 12.5×2=25kg , 25×50=50kg, 27.5×2=55kg, 35×2=70kg, 40×2=80kg, 50×2=100kg 
Save: 27%

  • As a result of a single mold, there is a uniform distribution of load when lifting
  • Product is for high quality
  • It has a wide grip to control
  • The product is durable and lasts for years
  • Rubber coating does not stink
  • Rubber coating is suitable indoor and outdoor both
  • It has a compact look
  • Not adjustable; weight are fixed
  • Its round shape prevents it from being used for over-use

5. Gymally Sports Steel Dumbbells exercise Set online

Best steel/Metal Dumbbell Set online: Steel (Alloy) is the most versatile material that has been produced to date. Steel Dumbbell set has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any other material, so it can provide more space with larger spans, smaller sized sections than iron. Steel provides a better cycle which increases the schedule compared to iron. 

  • Long-Term use in future
  • Real Weight Feeling
  • Unbreakable
  • Steel Dumbbell Rust free
  • Best For Pro and intermediate
  • Good practice for weight lifting
  • Value For Money
  • Very High in term of quality
  • It can damage floor
  • Sometime very heavy for beginner to lift weight
  • Fix Weight

6.Kakss Cast Iron Kettlebell for Strength/Fitness/workout for Home Gym

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Best iron cast Kettle-bell
online in India: I know lot people gonna ask me why i have choose Kettle-bell as Dumbbell category, guys kettle-bell is just another version of dumbbells who does same thing that a normal dumbbell set does. Kettle-bell is all-In-One Total Body Conditioning Tool.
Single kettle-bell is complete set of dumbbell which  gym and cross-fit freak people use.
Color variation option available: Dark black only
Size variation option available: 2kg , 10kg , 12kg , 14kg, 20kg
Save: 30% 

  • High in term of material quality
  • Non-slip grip
  • multi- dumbbell exercise
  • All-in-one Total Body body function Tool.
  • Improve core strength and stability.
  • Increases physical awareness and coordination.
  • Improve balance and stabilizer muscles.
  • Great non-running cardio optional.
  • Range of motion increases
  • Help to build Lean muscle mass
  • Both men & women use
  • It can be heavy
  • Not changeable weight; Fix weight
  • It can damage floor because it is too heavy

7. Skera Steel Chrome Fixed Dumbbell exercise Set [2pc]

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Best Steel Dumbbell set India: Talking about steel dumbbell set It is a high power to weight ratio which means it has high power per unit mass. So no matter how large the overall structure is, unlike other building materials, steel sections will be smaller and lighter. Steel can be easily fabricated and mass-produced.
Color variation option available: N/A
Size variation option available: 1kg X2 pc, 2kgx 2pc
Save: 45%

  • Good grip with support rubber strip
  • No sharp edges
  • Best for for male and female depend on weight size
  • In term of quality and material is good
  • Long-term using in future without any major damage to dumbbells
  • Value for money
  • Changeable weight if you purchase bigger one
  • Not rust free, required cleaning
  • Not hold able dumbbell since it is in round shape

8.Dumbbell Home Gym Exercise, Fitness and Weights for Women and Men Dumbbells exercise  

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Best Dumbbell set for men & women (Unisex):
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This dumbbell is one of my favorite dumbbell set because it is multi-purpose use and made for  both men and women who are at beginner or advance level are suitable for them. This dumbbells comes in multi color variation and very stylish design with soft and hard material combination . Easy to use  and very comfortable grip.

Size variation option available: 2kgX2, 3kgx2, 4kg(2kgx2), 6(2kgx2)
Color variation option available: Black/Red, Blue/Red, Blue/White, Blue/Green, GREEN/BLACK, Black/White
Check here for Discount

  • Very Comfortable grip for hand wrist
  • Easy to keep any where without worrying about damage
  • average Quality
  • oval Shape
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to hold and move
  • Cheat cost and value for money
  • Suitable Men & Women
  • Wide range of weight option
  • Variety of color available
  • sand fill material inside dumbbells

9. Dumbbells Weights Fitness Home Gym Heavy Ladies & Men’s Dumbbells exercise

Best Dumbbell set for men & women (Unisex): If you have a gym and need a dumbbell exercise for a workout or if you are a fitness lover and want to buy it for your home workout session, you can opt to purchase this new product that is available in the market which provides a dynamic range of color and size variation. Came in, Orion hand dumbbells. It is designed in such a way that it does not harm your home floor or furniture.

Color variation option available: Blue, Olive Blue
Size variation option available: 1kg X2= 2kg,  2kgX2=4kg, 3kgX2=6kg
Buy One Get One Free: 10 KG SET (3 KG X 2 + 2 KG X 2)

  • They are one of the basic tools that are required for training sessions.
  • A suitable product for cross fit home gym training and aerobic classes.
  • Works great for beginners as it is filled with PVC and sand.
  • Sand Fill Material

10.Neoprene Dumbbell Pair for Men & Women


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Best Dumbbell set for men & women (Unisex): Neoprene brand is quite good as it helps to add resistance to your workout session. It can be used by you, whether you are beginner or professional, printed weight number on each end cap. There are many benefits of using this product, you tone your muscles, build your strength, burn more calories, increase your energy production levels, and protect your bone using this dumbbell. 
Color variation option available: light purple (Right only purple option available)
Size variation option available: 1kg X2= 2kg,  2kgX2=4kg, 3kgX2=6kg
Cashback: 5% on bank

  • Hexagonal shape prevents dumbbell set from rolling
  • Premium Design and look
  • Rough surface better grip
  • Better for light weight training
  • Suitable for beginner & intermediate people
  • Sand Material fill inside
  • Not professional

List Of thing you can do with dumbbell exercise:

  • Chest exercise with dumbbell set
  • Triceps exercise with dumbbell set
  • Back exercise with dumbbell set
  • Shoulder exercise with dumbbell set
  • Leg exercise with dumbbell set

Common Frequently Questions

  1. Which Dumbbell is best beginner?
    I always recommended to beginner to buy adjustable dumbbell or fix  weight dumbbell  exercise set because fix weight dumbbells cover less space in house and adjustable dumbbell is also best for beginner because they can increase or decrease weight easily according to their strength.
  2. What would be the Best dumbbell set for female beginner and pro ?
    I have listed best three dumbbell set for women you can choose one of them base on key features of dumbbells.
  3. What are the best cheap adjustable dumbbell sets?
    I would say rather going for cheap dumbbell set go for best dumbbell set base on quality because it will benefits for you long term in future.
  4. Best place to buy dumbbells and replaceable weight plate?
    You can buy online as well off online. Online has one major benefits to buy because it has review option.
  5. What are some of the good brands of dumbbells to buy in India?
    Classic Iron Cast
  6. Which is the dumbbell set that i should buy for home workout?
    You can any dumbbell set from top 10 dumbbell set i have listed here base on review and rating to your time.
  7. Is 5Kg dumbbell exercise set enough for you?
    It depend on your training level and intensity
  8. Which dumbbell set is best Steel (Alloy) Vs. Iron Vs. Rubber dumbbell set?
    I will say each and every dumbbell has advantage & disadvantage base on their material according to the your
    preferences choose which is best for you? that why i have create in-depth article for you, so please read above…
  9. Fix weight dumbbells Vs. Adjustable dumbbells exercise

    We have compare both of these dumbbell set for you, the adjustable dumbbell has the upper hand on the upper dumbbell, which is why, since the plates come in a set, you can adjust the weight of the dumbbell as you wish.
    You can come in different situations that require dumbbells of different weight. So instead of buying different dumbbells of different sizes, you can buy adjustable dumbbells with a set of weighted plates.
    Please read above and which is best for you..

  10. Which dumbbell should i buy?
    Please read above and which is best for you..
  11. Where should we buy cheap gym equipment like dumbbells exercise set?
    You can buy anywhere where do you want base on review or in shop.
Top 10 best dumbbells set Home Gym online in India 2020 | Dumbbell exercise
A good reason to buy dumbbell
Since we are stuck in lockdown because of coronavirus (COVID-19) we are unable to gym because of that we are losing our lean gain muscle and gaining unnecessary fats. We all know that the corona-virus targets our immunity system. That’s we need to do exercise to improve immunity through the workout. You need to choose the best equipment carefully, one that you are almost certain will be enough to satisfy your need, not someone’s fancy. to catch.
To exclude a long list of dumbbells, we have this list Top X dumbbells set, to make your choice easier. Feel free to follow the link to the dumbbell of your choice.

Other good Option then Top 10 best dumbbells set you can buy online in India:

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